Virtual Phone Numbers for Real Estate Agents & Why you should have a local number

Francois Manas an International Realtor operating in Spain, is really annoyed that he hadn’t come across ConXhub earlier.

“I lost over €60,000 in commission this year because my potential buyers didn’t recognise my phone number or want to pick up calls from my foreign number!”

Francois knows of at least 3 property sales he lost where the potential purchasers bought through other agents. In all cases the potential clients were overseas and he knew they would be interested in the respective properties at the point he took instructions to sell them. However, the potential buyers simply would not pick up his calls and in each case another agent beat him to the introduction.

Real estate is a ‘cut throat’ business and it’s all about being first. Simply put, the other agents beat him to getting in touch with the prospective clients, and he’s not happy.

That has all changed now, thanks to him being introduced to ConXhub.

ConXhub is simply Magic!

Be Local to your Customers

Using ConXhub, allows Francois to be more local to his customers by simply adding additional International Phone Numbers to his mobile phone. He currently has, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and UK numbers, but is looking to extend that even further. The real magic is that he can now simply make and receive calls from any of these numbers, and all from his one personal mobile phone.

Communicate from Your Personal Mobile

There is no need for him to carry multiple phones around with him or additional international SIM’s, he simply selects the number he wants the recipient to see and dials. Historically there is a 78% greater chance that a recipient will pick up a call from a local unknown phone number as opposed to an unknown foreign number, but to date, Francois says he has a 100% success rate.

Open Instant Virtual Offices Anywhere

Outside of the connectivity value, appearing to have multiple local offices around Europe has instantly raised his credibility. “Giving clients local phone numbers, is a game changer, they can see I am serious about my business, and it gives customers peace of mind and an easier, cheaper, point of contact.” Francois says.

Marketing Numbers

At the very least Agents should have 2 business phone numbers. One for advertising, and one to give to clients you meet in person or put on your business card. Adding phone numbers is simple, fast and inexpensive and in reality, using a different number for different publicity will help you identify which is working for you or not.

1st Impressions Count

Your Phone number is your identity. You certainly don’t want to be considered a one-man-band with just a mobile phone to your name, so having a local fixed line number is important. Likewise, being seen as an out-of-towner can be equally bad for your business, so having local numbers to your customers is key.

Your mobile – your communicator – your life!

Everything is mobile: you communicate with clients, potential clients, landlords, owners, management companies… the list goes on. You leave a prospective client a voicemail. They text you. You text them. Two days later they call you. It’s amazing to have all that data to hand, in a neat dashboard feed, summarizing the conversation flow, and right where you need it, on your mobile, at the point of contact.

“I wish I had heard of ConXhub earlier, I can’t believe how easy it is to use. I started with a French number, as a test, which I pretty much use daily now. Set up was simple, and I have since added more numbers based on where my customers come from. ConXhub is incredibly cheap for what it offers, and it is now indispensible for my business.”

The ConXhub multi-number solution, is available as a simple cut down Single User product – see:

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