What the heck can ConXhub do about WFH issues?

Phone lines down, poor quality calls, staff unavailable, office phones not connecting when plugged in at home, missing sales calls…. you are not alone. Even the largest FTSE 100 companies have been caught with their trousers down!

ConXhub clients have had none of these issues, in fact many moved all their staff to WFH even before the enforced lockdown. Riptec and multiple ConXhub customers have been 100% remote for many years and WFH is just second nature.

So why is ConXhub different from the thousands of phone suppliers being used today?

ConXhub is a Challenger Telco – it has reinvented communications architecture, building an entirely new, highly scalable and totally agile digital stack. It has re engineered everything around mobile technology giving you the customer all you have dreamed of in a communications suite.

WFH is a breeze with ConXhub as it puts all of your communications on to a users personal mobile phone.

You simply do not need to worry about VoIP desk phones in homes, soft-phones on PC’s or mobiles, users home internet or even your own phone system – especially at this time of Covid-19 lockdown and internet systems being at saturation point.

ConXhub allows users to call from their office phone numbers as though at work and keeps their personal mobile number 100% private. It does not eat in to a users data plan, or require additional equipment as it does not use Data!

Users can be set up and calling seamlessly from their work numbers within a few minutes and full reporting and even MiFID II compliant call recording is available for management and control.

The list of functions and features is endless, but all designed with modern agile communications in mind as opposed to VoIP systems of old.

Stop missing calls, get your team back up and running – Sign up TODAY!

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