Why is my Call Blocked?

If a call simply ends in a hang up, it may be due to the recipient being busy or their line out of service, but normally speaking it will be due to the call being blocked for some reason.

A blocked call is a telephone call that is unable to connect to an intended recipient and not even reach their voicemail or personal busy message.

There are many reasons why your call might be blocked including; your number blacklisted, the person you are calling has blocked you, the destination is on a carrier blacklist, your carrier does not allow calls to the destination, your carrier may not have the dial code correctly set up, the recipient is out of service, or maybe because you are hiding your number or you are dialling with a mis-configured phone number.

We’ll look at these in turn, and also bring you details on how you can block and unblock phone numbers yourself.

Has someone Blocked My Number?

Trying to call someone but can’t get through? Wondering if they’ve blocked your phone number? Here’s a simple way to find out if someone has blocked your phone number.

Simply dial the number and if you hear an instant message: “Sorry the person you are trying to call is busy right now, please try again later!” then you have likely been blocked. Try again a little later, and if the same message is heard, then yes, sorry you have been blocked.

Is my number on an anti- spam list?

Lawmakers have passed legislation to address the problem of spam calls and several third-party apps—including Hiya, RoboKiller, Truecaller, and YouMail—also work to block telemarketing calls.

In addition, people can register phone numbers with the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry.

So, there are a lot of places your phone number may have been registered as a blocked number. You´ll know if you are on one as more and more often you will find calls you make become blocked.

Your number, may have been used by a spammer to make illicit calls and it has now been blocked. If that is the case, contact each in turn to have your number removed from their lists, but in all honesty, it may be easier to get a new number, as there is nothing stopping the spammer doing it all over again.

Your phone operator, may have something wrong in the set up

It can happen, new regional or country prefixes are issued and the phone company doesn’t update their database, or they deliberately block calls to certain blacklisted destinations. If it is just one destination you are struggling to dial, then give your phone operator a call and ask them. It could be as simple as opening up a route for you, that had previously been blocked.

The recipient is out of service or out of range

If you are trying to call one particular number and it appears blocked, it may be for a legitimate reason in that the recipient is simply not connected to the network. See if you can email or contact them another way, and ask them about their phone line.

Are you hiding your number?

In an attempt to stop spam calls, many phone operators are blocking calls which are from a mal-formed or hidden phone number. If you are hiding your number, there is a good chance it will be blocked.

As you can see there could be any number of reasons that your number is blocked. In adverse cases it may mean getting a new number completely, but in many cases, it will be an easily resolved issue. If you are concerned about your number being blocked, it is possible to make calls from an alternative virtual phone number. This will ensure your personal number remains private to everyone except those you want to have it.

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