Why it’s Important to make your Phone Number Private

Quick question…how many companies have got your mobile number?

When you apply for loans, insurance, bank accounts, jobs, you give away your phone number. When you book your holiday, download games, buy movies, go on dating sites you are giving away your phone number.

Your number is private, but critically, it is probably linked to your online personality. Instead, it should be protected.

In today’s world, it is worth considering having different phone numbers for the various parts of your life. You should have a number that is for your finances, another for your social media accounts and so on, all the time keeping your personal mobile number PRIVATE!

Think about it…

  •  When you use your mobile number on some sites, have you noticed that you get text messages with random sales offers almost immediately after?
  • If your phone number gets out into the Spam-universe, how many more companies in how many more countries, then have access to your personal number?
  • If your mobile number is a part of your private identity, it makes sense not to share it around the world…
Stop sharing. Segment your life.

 I am sure that you have more than one email address, most people do. At the very least, we all have one for work & one for personal use. Do you give your personal email address to your business leads? Do you give your work email to your friends?

So stop sharing your personal mobile number with every one!

Gain control!

You already segment your life according to your email addresses. Start doing the same today with your personal phone number!

Take control & organise the different aspects of your life with different phone numbers.

Have as many numbers as you need… one for public, private, work & pleasure. It really is that simple!

Your phone number is valuable to scammers and marketeers – keep it safe. Use an alternate phone number for your online presence. Virtual phone numbers are inexpensive, easy to set up and work just like your own mobile number.

Try today & see the difference it makes!

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