Winning traits of entrepreneurs

A winning entrepreneur is not made overnight. Successful entrepreneurs possess a set of traits that helped them through the process of starting and growing a business. It involves more hard work than anyone could imagine. One inspiring example of a successful business icon is the Chinn cousins (Simon Chinn & Jonathan Chinn) who founded Lightbox together in 2014. Simon who is based in the UK and Jonathan in LA founded their company together. Lightbox produces high-end non-fiction and has worked with Xbox Studios, Netflix, Fusion, Esquire Network, Channel 4, BBC2, FX, National Geographic and ESPN.

Having said that, it is also possible for an ordinary person to have a winning entrepreneurial spirit. Your dream of owning a multi-million pound company is possible only if you have the dedication and strict discipline.

Here are some of the traits entrepreneurs possess that help them stay on the path of success. 


The ability to handle failure and being able to bounce back is the number one trait you should possess. In order to achieve your goal, you must be willing to embrace failure.


An entrepreneur should be a visionary. The ability to create something out of the box is important for any business minded person. To produce something that is unique and make life more comfortable for your target market.


Time will come that you will have to pivot your plan or strategy because it isn’t working well enough to meet your goals. You have to be willing to acknowledge if something is not effective.


When the world tells you ‘no,’ you must be eager to say ‘yes’. You need to trust yourself and have the courage to make and stand for your own decisions. Thus, self-confidence is needed.

According to Simply Business, £10,000 is a lifeline for UK small businesses as over 600,000 are expected to fail in 2020. Although we cannot blame the pandemic for placing businesses at risk. It is important that as a businessman, you are a passion-driven and disciplined kind of individual.

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