Are You Missing Networking with Others?

We know how important business networking is for your business - share, support, collaborate, learn & thrive, are all key benefits!

ConXpro has been designed to fill the gap by simply using your mobile phone to talk with other ConXpro users. Just like being in a room full of people, our dashboard shows you who is in the room & available to chat - simply select someone and let ConXpro set up the call between you both, absolutely FREE.

... and just like a networking event you can remain anonymous until you are happy to share your contact info!


Feeling Left Out? Miss chatting to fellow Professionals?

Feeling Left Out? Miss chatting to fellow Professionals?

SOLUTION: Networking by Phone

Business networking is an important part of growing and sustaining any business.

It is a form of marketing, it engenders collaboration, can create sales recommendations and it is often a huge source of support and advice.

Virtual Networking is an idea born from the isolation created by the Covid-19 Lockdowns.

It allows business professionals to meet other professionals, chat and potentially share contact information but without the face to face.

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PLUS your personal details remain private, unless you want to disclose them… just like real networking

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Once registered you’ll automatically be given your very own Pro2Pro phone number, which you can use to keep your own personal mobile number private when making and receiving calls between members.

Basic rules of etiquette:

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Quick and simple to use

Network like a pro in minutes

Receiving and Accepting Calls

1. Register for free

Simple to use.
Quickly set up in 60 seconds - GDPR Compliant

2. Download our Widget

Download & install the Pro2Pro Chrome widget - add your phone number and wait to receive calls

3. Login to Dashboard

Use the dashboard to learn about other members. Select a member & set up a call between you

Making Calls & Talking with a fellow Member

1. Select a Member

Right click a member to learn more - left click to set up a call on your Mobile Phone

2. Wait for the Prompts

Using ConXhub, place the call and wait a few seconds on hold, for the member to connect

3. Once Connected

Please treat everyone with utmost respect. Learn, befriend, thrive...

Do you Run or Operate a Community?

How about your own bespoke Community Version?

We'll supply dedicated phone numbers, build your sign-up form, manage categories and handle all calls for FREE as part of our public service drive!

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