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Fast, reliable, scaleable communications for the modern era.

We are excited to hear that you are considering a new phone system for your business.

BUT if you are looking for a traditional VoIP phone system now – WAIT!

While you may wish to look at OLD solutions from companies such as 8×8, RingCentral or Vonage etc. We recommend you read on because….

In the same way the Tractor surpassed  the horse:

  • > the iPod killed the CD player
  • > Google killed AOL
  • > Netflix killed Blockbuster video
  • ConXhub is literally killing off  traditional out-dated, expensive  VoIP Phone Systems!
  • Put simply, ConXhub will save you money, increase your efficiency and help drive greater profits.
  • Bin the old desk phone, forget expensive hardware, costly, yet unreliable VoIP systems.

Whatever you need from your virtual communications hub; be it; music on hold, call transfers, call recording, closed announcements, voicemail to email or live reporting and stats, you name it… these are all included for free with ConXhub.

Here is the really great part – you can instantly try ConXhub 100% risk free  for FREE – nothing needs to change, no equipment is required and you can be up & running in minutes.

6 years in development, highly acclaimed, with client recommendations through the roof and exponential sales growth, ConXhub is changing the face of business communications, forever…

…and just like thousands of others, you too can experience the ConXhub phenomenon – set up is simple and takes just a few minutes!


We help you live the life you deserve...

Your personal mobile phone is at the center of your life, FACT! We believe it should be at the center of your work life too….

That’s why we have developed ConXhub, a service that puts your personal mobile phone at the heart of your communications. ConXhub allows you to communicate with clients, prospects and colleagues at any time wherever you are, seamlessly and at the highest quality. 

It gives you all the features and functions of a corporate grade phone system (Cloud vPBX / Switchboard), whatever size of business you run.

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So, once you have all these super powers on your phone you then have the ability to build a business empire from the palm of your hand!

No matter what size your Business or what your future needs may be, we have the ultimate solution to help you grow, save money and increase efficiency!

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