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Add existing numbers or choose New Numbers from over 10,000+ cities, for any purpose; be more local to your Customers & win more business.

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Keep YOUR personal phone number private even when using your personal mobile - Separate Business & Personal life on the one Phone

Ultimate Control

Never miss a call, even when disaster strikes BUT more importantly control how calls are routed for when you are unavailable or taking personal time.

Superior Audio

Forget about dropped calls, difficulty hearing, or lack of connectivity - Callers sound like they’re next to you, zero delays or glitches, even with bad reception.

Pop Up Office

Create virtual offices in any country or city around the world. Boost sales with a 'LOCAL' presence. Create unlimited office phone numbers at the press of a button.

Work from Anywhere

Take control & enjoy freedom! Stop being tied to a PBX system or Desk Phone. YOUR Mobile is your virtual office. Total telecoms freedom in your pocket.

Unified Comms (UC)

CRM integration with bespoke and popular systems. Powerful ActiveQ system to support, Missed Calls, Speed Dial, Call ToDo lists and more...

Reports & Analytics

MiFID Call recordings & 16 data capture points per call for unrivalled data analyses & reporting PLUS real time Agent overview & KPI analyses.

One Superphone

Dump the desk phone, the company mobile, the landline, dedicated internet, WiFi, routers, cables and associated equipment - One Phone, One SIM & ConXhub is all you need.

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Forward & manage incoming calls to mobiles & landline numbers on any network. Answer more calls & take advantage of every new business opportunity.

Use our 'Gamified' call notification service to optimise inbound call answering or our activeAgent dashboard to view agents activity in real time.

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ActiveQ is light years ahead of the competition! Dynamic Information, Tools, Functions & Features that help you control every customer interaction.

ActiveQ gives you more tools to manage your communications, like call transfers, missed calls notifications, CRM interaction & call to-do'

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Mobile PBX

PBX or Private Branch Exchange is the original telecom term for a piece of equipment which manages the routing of calls.

Depending on your plan, every possible feature you can think of… and more is available to you.

Simply contact support with your request. We are available 24/7-365 and act as your office Telecom expert.

We don’t expect you to know the ins & outs of a phone system, especially one as complex as ConXhub – once we understand your need, we will update your routing to give you the best solution.

activeQ is a brand new set of Mobile friendly interactive tools to enhance the PBX experience. It includes Call Transfers, Missed Calls notifications, CRM interaction and Call To-Do’s

Unlimited – Each user can be treated independently or as part of a group.

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. It’s also known as a Virtual PBX and the main advantage is the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs, as their  service provider hosts the PBX for them.

A phone system menu that interacts with humans through the use of voice and DTMF keypad inputs. eg. Press 1 for, Press 2 for…

All Call Distribution (ACD) is a brand new type of PBX pioneered by ConXhub. It’s a new stack, built on new technology, for faster more highly scalable call performance.

As many as you need! We have some customers with literally thousands of numbers which they use to identify each client account.

ConXhub offers a series of advanced call handling systems like ACD, activeQ & activeAgent

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Unlimited Numbers

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Mobile Phone PBX

What is a mobile PBX phone system?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and this is a telephone network used within organisations to keep internal and external communications running smoothly and efficiently. When being used to communicate with those external of the organisation, different communication channels such as Voice over IP, ISDN or analog are usually integrated.

Using a PBX phone system in an organisation can substantially reduce costs because it allows free calls between use while also providing your company with more lines. It will normally come with popular features such as transfer calls, voicemail, call recording, interactive voice menus aka IVR and also management of call queues.

Generally speaking there are three types of PBX phone systems and these are:

An Android phone with a fully customized native application that runs with a cloud-based PBX system

Mobile phone applications that work with a cloud-based PBX system

Using feature to direct phone calls to your current mobile phone number.

Below we will look more closely at the uses and advantages of these mobile phone PBX systems.

Android phone with a fully customised native application that runs with a cloud-based PBX system

Today, with the latest developments in technology you can now use your android phone as a fully blown mobile phone PBX system. You can use apps that will provide you with these features. The apps can use an open-source SIP client that adds native SIP/VoIP to your android phone’s default dialler. Once you download such an app you are then able to make and take calls over Wifi and 4G/LTE data connections.  

For start ups and SMEs this is a popular go-to telecoms solution because it will save on costs and allows a company to set up a private internal phone system. Because it uses a data connection this option is therefore not a very secure one. A mobile PBX system is a hosted PBX where mobile phones basically operate as phone extensions. VoIP phones can also be integrated with a PBX solution. A mobile PBX system takes phone calls and diverts them to the landline or mobile cellular line.

Imagine that your sales guy is pitching to potential clients while the tech support guy is away from his desk and on his way to serve a client. Accounts person is on holiday leave and your developer works remotely. Always and at any time colleagues are going to be out and about and on the move. In order for employees to have the freedom to move around while still effectively communicating as though they were still at their desks, it makes sense that employees should be able to link their mobile devices into an office PBX phone system, allowing them to connect and communicate as if they were at their desks. There are many practical benefits with this type of popular feature and relatively straight forward and easy to use. 

Popular uses are:

1 – Forwarding PBX calls to your mobile smartphone anywhere in the world instantly or after a few rings…and hey presto you have managed to be able to answer calls whenever you are away from your desk.

How is it done and is it easy?

With all PBX systems you just navigate to the redirection option and Enter your cell phone number or number to which you wish to forward the calls. You can even forward any pagers or door buzzers that you have connected. Of course another handy option is that you can also usually enter numbers that you do not want receive calls from.

2.Tell the difference between PBX and mobile phone calls

In order to distinguish between a PBX forwarded call and a normal call to your mobile, you can normally choose to have a special system that will only kick on only when an office call has been forwarded to a mobile phone.  Also, the menu will give you the choice to take the call, decline the call or send it to voicemail. If you miss a PBX call, the voicemail will go to your office PBX system and send a voicemail to email. And if you don´t have that particular feature you will find the voicemail message on your mobile phone as normal.

  1. Make a PBX call from your mobile phone

When Making a PBX call from your mobile device you will normally be prompted by an automated assistant. So when you need to be away from your desk phone because you have to leave the office, you no longer have to miss those important work related calls! You now have the power to simply forward   incoming calls from your desk phone to any mobile number you want. In the same token, you can also make all your business calls from your mobile phone as if it is from your desk. More freedom and flexibility!

The other thing is that most people assume using a PBX system is going to be difficult to navigate and will be costly. However that is far from the truth! Most PBX system are super user friendly and are actually budget friendly too! So now you can get the best of technology and have everything integrated and centralised on your mobile phone. With each passing day, technology is shaping how organisations are run. Advancement in technology can bring about major changes in how efficiently and effectively an organisation functions. A mobile phone PBX system is one such technological advancement that has helped businesses and organisations of all sizes to improve and thrive.

Everyone regards Privacy as important and are always looking for ways to protect it. One way of achieving it is by setting up and configuring aVPN network. Or if you still have concerns we will discuss another option below.

An app for mobile phones that works with a cloud-based PBX system

Another way to make your phone serve as a fully fledged mobile phone PBX system is by downloading one of the many applications available. And another bonus is that they are usually free!  Other advantages of doing this are:

The calls are totally different from ordinary phone calls which means you will be able to distinguish how to answer and deal with each call.

The dialer for VoIP calls is different. As before you will be able to distinguish these as well and know what type of call to make and take.The setup is pretty easy and once you are done setting it up, all there is left to do is walk through your office door, because it will connect itself to the WiFi automatically and registers itself to the PBX system. You don’t have to receive calls when you are at home.  To ensure this, the system disconnects itself once you are out of your office space and WiFi network, so the calls automatically go to voice mail. Therefore, you do not have to worry about carrying office work to home on your mobile phone. You can use the device via cell data as well. The settings allow you to change the network to your mobile data if you are willing to bear the charges. Thus, you can use this as your desk phone anywhere and anytime. For this to be possible, your phone has to be WAN accessible. Additional benefits and features of this android application are caller ID, transfer commands, and video calls.

Using forward feature to transfer phone calls

This is a third way of using mobile phone PBX system efficiently. This is a much easier method of using a PBX system on your mobile phone. It uses the call-forwarding feature, so you can tailor it  according to your personal needs and requirements. This method of combining a PBX system with your mobile phone is a very useful one as it is hassle-free. Some advantages that come with it are:

Easy setup

The setup of this is very easy. For this, you need to access your provider´s  portal and select the redirection tab and customise everything according to your preferences.

Choose between numbers:

With this feature, you have the option of choosing between numbers that you want to where you divert your calls to and block and redivert the phone numbers you do not want to deal with.

Choosing the number of rings and time:

By the call forwarding feature, you have the freedom to choose after how many rings the call shall be forwarded and can in addition choose specific times when calls can be forwarded.

Distinguish between PBX and cell phone incoming calls:

The system will allow you to differentiate between your personal and official calls. The special system menu will activate only when an office call is forwarded to your cell phone. This will also give you the options to connect or reject the call.

Advantages of mobile phone PBX System:

Better communications internally and externally

Better and easier to manage communications is what any business is after these days. The Versatility and flexibility that a PBX system brings can help to enhance good communications in the work place.

Fulfilling demand

Just as a business grows, so does the number of transactions and clients or customers. Installing a  mobile phone PBX system helps the people in the company to keep up with consumer demands, and queries in a systematic and organized manner. It offers scope for scalability.

Reduce your office running costs

There is no doubt about the fact that mobile phone PBX system reduces costs. By installing this system, you are saving hardware costs, communication costs, travel costs and to some degree, agency costs. In this way, you can run the functions more efficiently and precisely.


See an increase in productivity

By integrating many forms of communication and telecommunication into one single device, productivity is enhanced by many folds. Not only that, employees will better stay connected and achieve a greater sense of teamwork and unity. This will further boost the productivity of employees.

Add more flexibility

It is always good for a company to offer flexibility with its communication channels. Better for client relations to have all the PBX features like call diverting, call forwarding, call recording, conference calls and mobile switchboard.

User friendly

Mobile phone PBX systems are very easy to use and instal. It is also as easy as using any other app you have ever downloaded! Bonuses all round as it saves on training expenses and will be user friendly to all employees.

Say goodbye to big and heavy equipment

With a mobile phone PBX system, the typical office does not need to have a landline phone on each desk. Cost savings are gained in an instant and secondly it gets rid of  the need to use space wasting and bulky hardware.

All in all, the mobile phone PBX systems is a popular telecoms solution for many businesses and organisations. It is versatile and will suit any size large and small firms who can make use of this and tailor to their own specifications. Just as an android software or just a forwarding feature, mobile phone PBX systems will likely satisfy the productivity and communication needs of most organisations. The other thing is that most people assume using a PBX system is going to be difficult to use and will be expensive to run.   But that assumption is wrong. Most PBX system are very easy to use and are cost effective too. So now you can get the best of technology and have everything integrated and centralised on your mobile device and in your pocket. With each passing day, technology is shaping how organisations and businesses are being run. Advancement in technology can bring about major changes in how efficiently and effectively an organisation functions. A mobile phone PBX system is one such technological advancement that has helped businesses and organisations of all sizes to improve and thrive. Today, with the latest developments in technology you can now use your mobile android device as your busniess´s mobile phone PBX system. Instal apps that will provide you with these features. The apps can use an open-source SIP client that adds native SIP/VoIP to your android phone’s default dialler. Once you download such an app you are then able to make and take calls over Wifi and 4G/LTE data connections. 

Your business may already have a PBX system in place and if so, then  it can be modified to include mobile features. You don’t have to dispose of the existing phone network and lose whatever benefits it gives your organisation. If there is no PBX system, then it is no problem to instal  mobile PBX  as minimum infrastructure and equipment is needed. Very little disruption to the office. All in all, mobile PBX can of course increase the efficiency and productivity of any organisation. The shared phone number makes it simple to contact anyone, and voice communication can be consistently maintained between the office and external parties. It also provide the employees of a company to be free from desk and be flexible. They can still work and communicate while they are on the go without having to rush back to office to go through missed calls etc. Having the type of telecom solution allows employees to be mobile and in the modern business world of today, this is important for happy staff and successful staff.

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I couldn't believe my luck when I came across ConXhub - every call, even those half way round the world, are now like I'm calling my next door neighbour!

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