Put an Entrepreneur in your corner

If you are running a business, it won’t be easy. You will have a myriad of obstacles to overcome some you expected and others will be potential knockout blows.

Sound advice is to surround yourself with advisers, people who have experience in certain fields and who can give you recommendations and support when you need it.

However good your advisers, you’ll still need to be a tough individual. An adviser won’t physically do your job or look over your shoulder and certainly won’t be there to comfort you in times of crisis. Advisers are simply there when you need to ask questions and are actually more likely to become ghostly when things look bleak for you and the company.

However good your product or service, you will have dark days. Times when even the toughest feel like giving up. That is when you need a real entrepreneur in your corner – someone who understands what it is like to have family and friends call you a ‘fool’, someone who knows what it is like to sacrifice everything and to go that extra mile even when every indicator says ‘STOP’.

Your self-belief and confidence in your product or service will be extreme, but you will need that special someone to just say ‘keep going, you are nearly there’, for those times when you are knocked down and bloodied.

The fact you were knocked down is not important, that is inevitable. It is what you do when you get back up. That is critical!

Choose the person in your corner wisely, it could be the difference to you walking away from a set back or getting up and landing the ‘killer punch’.

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