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Why should you even bother thinking about a new communication system, let alone signing up for a new one?

What you already use works just fine, and as the old adage goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

History shows us, progress is continual and in most cases is designed to save us time, money and create greater efficiency; like the tractor replacing the horse or the typewriter replacing pen and paper.

Of course even greater technological boosts have occurred since the launch of; the computer, home PC´s and the Mobile Smartphone.

The mobile smartphone is a multi-purpose mobile computing device, and most people could not leave home without theirs.

ConXhub have been leading players in the telecoms space for over 30 years and focused on the mobile sector for 12. They pioneered mobile multi phone number solutions and have developed revolutionary communications systems that avoid the inconsistencies of VoIP and the need for antiquated PBX phone systems.

So what?

Well just like any technological change ConXhub will save you time, money and create greater efficiency. Just like the farmers that hung on to their horses they soon found their neighbours becoming more productive and earning more from switching to tractors. Change is inevitable the only variable is when you adopt.

ConXhub works directly with your personal mobile phone. It’s revolutionary design completely separates your personal communications from the rest meaning you can use the one phone for all forms of communication, the whole time secure your personal number & communications will remain 100% private.

This means you no longer need to carry two mobile phones or dual sims around with you and companies can cease to worry about providing employee handsets, SIM’s, mobile contracts and insurance. In addition, ConXhub is so powerful that instead of employees being contactable via their old mobile number they can now have a combination of phone numbers including company landline, departmental or direct dial numbers.

When you think business communication you’ll probably think of a company phone system (PBX switchboard) and deskphones. This antiquated 20 year old tech has been completely replaced with ConXhub’s pioneering technology which utilises a series of global interconnected servers to manage all aspects of your communication needs.

Fast, reliable, scaleable communications for the modern era.

A desk phone by its nature is a dumb piece of plastic, fixed to one point. The modern workforce is transient, flexible and constantly on the move, desk phones oppose and restrict the employee of today. The ConXhub solution works in harmony and enhances an employees capabilities, allowing them to work from anywhere and even when on the move.

Don’t be fobbed off with a mobile softphone – these are no more than poor VoIP extensions to your desk phone. They depend on high quality internet connections to work and as soon as you move out of range of WiFi lead to dropped calls and inferior user experiences.

WiFi was designed to transfer data within small areas and does not support handshaking of communication between areas.

Conversely, the mobile cellular network was developed for high quality, secure, communications, even while on the move. ConXhub has been purpose built to work inline with the mobile network providing users with the most enhanced user experience possible with highest HD call quality, no dropped calls even when on the move, and connections every time.

When in business there is nothing worse than poor quality and dropped calls but with ConXhub; ‘every call matters’!

There are some 1800 PBX reseller’s in the UK alone. They are all pretty much selling the same stuff – a hosted PBX, desk phones and softphones, there only differentiation is branding and feature packaging. Buy from any of them and you’ll get a good service and a decent product. It will work fine, but you’ll be buying the cart horse and not the tractor!

When it comes to price we had an interesting discussion with one prominent reseller who was insistent his PBX solution (reselling 3CX) would only cost a user £6pm per user – he declined to comment when I asked – “So you supply lines, company and direct dial phone numbers, internet, qos routers, national and international calls to mobile and fixed lines, SMS, IM, conference lines, mobile data (for voip softphones), desk phones, cables, installation, training, electricity, the hosted pbx and maintenance, for £6 per user? Where do i sign?”

The fact is all the items mentioned above are integral parts of a hosted PBX system – someone has to pay for those parts. Apart from recharging your mobile, what else do you need? So when you bolt ConXhub on to your mobile phone you get the best of all worlds for less.

ConXhub takes a different view to communications than is possible with existing systems. As an example, we have re-written the book on call transfers.

Call transfers are the most requested feature of any phone system. Yet, call transfers are the most hated feature! When a call needs to be transferred to a third party it wastes the time and patience of the caller, the recipient and the transferer, with 99% of the time resulting in “can you tell them I’ll call them back”!

ConXhub set about changing this antiquated feature and built a far more agile and intelligent solution which gives the recipient the ability to add a call back request to a colleagues Call Queue (ActiveQ), so that they could call the caller in a convenient & timely manner. No more frustrations and wasted time – a simple, elegant solution to a long overdue problem.

ACD, ActiveQ, Multi-Numbering, Calls, IM, SMS there is a lot under the bonnet of ConXhub and it will cost you less than existing systems – that is what we call progress!

Please share our technology with the world!

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