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Frustrated with a lack of Sales?

Wondering why you have low "pick up rates" on your International Sales Calls?

Our SaaS Sales & cutting edge mobile communications solution - Guarantees you increased sales, higher pick up rates & frees Sales people & staff from their desks.

Join the SaaS 21st Century Comms Evolution

We’re reshaping the World of SaaS Sales & Communication Technology

Free your Sales people &

Sell from anywhere! Don't be chanined to the desk!
Enjoy the freedom of not being "stuck at a desk" in order to make Sales calls

Say Goodbye to
Dropped Sales Calls

Unlike old outdated VOIP; because we use Mobile technology – you won’t suffer with “dropped calls” & you’ll also enjoy crystal clear quality. Essential for increasing your Sales & being understood clearly when selling by phone.

HD Call Quality & Flexibility

The Mobile cellular network was designed for HD Call Quality – Now you can tap in to the power of Mobile Phone technology for your Call Centre…

You’ve never experienced Tech like ours

Join Saas Call Centres large & small who use ConXhub to Grow faster

"Using ConXhub has been the most seamless and stress free set up of a Sales department ever!"
Marcus Lyons
SaaS Sales Manager
"The system saves us around £2k per month and we really can’t fault them."
Sara McClean
SaaS Ops Manager
"Call pick up rates up 60%!! What is there not to love about this?! Can´t recommend enough."
Tom O'Brien
SaaS Team Leader
"Super user friendly interface and telesales loving their new found freedom!"
Raj Chandra
Customer Liaisons

What makes ConXhub different for SaaS Owners?

Freedom to Roam
Roaming is about the ability to communicate wherever you are, whether; at home, in a local business hub or on the road. But it also means un-tethering yourself from the desk - total freedom!
Minimal Setup
Compared to a traditional VoIP system which will require the installation & maintenance of various parts, with ConXhub you simply download an app - that's it!
No Tech Skills
ConXhub is so simple to use, you and any of your colleagues will be up and running in minutes. The app is intuitive and all systems are set up to your exact requirements.freedom!
100% Flexibility
Add & Remove users. Add phone numbers for every part of your business; clients, marketing, departments, remote offices, staff direct dial. Adjust call routing to your needs.
21st Century Thinking
ConXhub is unlike any other PBX solution - built on cutting edge technology and a brand new stack, giving you a superior experience with ACD routing technology and activeQ call handling.
Fingertip Control
State of the art call reporting and stats with 16 points of data capture for every call. Unique 'active Agent' dashboard showing agent status and world renowned 'gamified' call queue notification system - world beating!

Sales agent Dashboard makes Life Easier

Our SaaS Sales Agent dashboard gives you a live perspective of what your Sales people are doing, whether it's how long they have been on a call, attending a management meeting or simply at lunch.

Every call has 16 points of data giving you the most comprehensive set of stats available.

Knowing who to call next or what calls are in the queue and if any are priority – saves both time & money.

Every resource at your fingertips!

The Smartest Way to Grow your SaaS Empire

with the Global #1 for SaaS sales people & freedom of Mobility

“ConXhub is focused on building for the future, but not at the expense of their current customers. They not only listen, but they take action on our feedback and needs. We’ve gained a true business partner with ConXhub."

Nick Gubbins

Director - Verity

Get the MOST out of your SaaS Sales people

Reduce costs, improve call rates, increase efficiency & …. Increase PROFITS
ConXhub supports a new kind of SaaS Call Centre – a highly versatile, mobile centric, distributed business

Less Staff Turnover
Retain staff longer by enabling them to work from anywhere, the car, the office, the café anywhere.
Disaster Recovery
Use our monitoring tools to enable Staff to easily work from anywhere. Don’t let COVID 19 stop your growth.
SaaS Call Centre Toolkit
Access our BIG Call Centre Tools for Free. Staff Retention & Marketing Toolkits, Case Studies, Cheat Sheets

Saves you Money!

When you think remote, your pool of talent
gets bigger and when you look overseas
huge cost savings can occur too!

ConXhub gives you remote possibilities.


see what people are saying

Instant Virtual Offices, Anywhere!

Create Virtual Offices in any country or city around the world. Boost sales with a "Local" presence. Create unlimited Office phone numbers at the press of a button.

Discover all of our Features

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Just ask - we are constantly adding features and functionality

Compete with
the BIG Guys

With ConXhub you'll get every tool you need to run your SaaS Busines just like the really BIG Guys!

Enjoy more Fiscal Control

With more insights & data you’ll be able to spend more time on the ground & training, instead of wondering what's working & what's not.

The Ultimate Solution to Help you Grow

No matter what size your SaaS Business or what your future needs
may be, save money and increase efficiency!

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