Should Call Centre Agents Use Mobile Phones at Work?

The use of mobile phones on the contact centre floor is a debate that has divided the industry. We asked our readers what happens in their contact centre.

Most think mobile phones are a bad idea…

When an agent is talking to a customer, their complete focus needs to be on the call as one silly (and avoidable) mistake could result in the customer having to call back. Touker

We have a clear-cut policy that no mobile phones are allowed on the contact centre floor – this policy into practice originally as part of our procedures to protect customers’ personal and financial data and reduce the risk of any of this information being taken outside of the business. Sally

In my experience, the photo element of the mobile phone creates a security risk and should be banned. Ian

BUT – there are those with more modern thinking…

We allow the use of mobile phones on the contact centre floor, as we believe this helps us to engage with our Generation Y employees who feel the need to be connected. Joe

If your people are engaged, motivated and respected, why would they disrespect a consumer, play with their mobile phone and not focus? Sara

Believing that mobile phone usage is the cause of negative outcomes with customers is short-sighted. Banning and control is also an old-fashioned concept that has been proven to increase turnover. Heidi

I think there is an awful lot to be said about staff engagement and treating staff like adults. If your performance management is sufficiently robust and you have the right group of team leaders it shouldn’t cause a problem. The security aspect is a very limited risk. If people really wanted to steal data there are a million and one ways – and I’m not sure allowing staff to use their mobiles is the issue. Joe

Security alone is not a good enough reason to ban mobile phones. The act of an agent writing down card or personal details would be considered a possible breach of security, but I’d imagine very few centres have banned paper and pens. Robert

It seems excuses regarding distractions or security are short-sighted and old fashioned, especially given payment security solutions and enhanced agent reporting.

Many call centres are now embracing the use of Mobile Phone technology in their businesses, replacing desk phones with mobile phones and even accommodating BYOD especially with remote and home workers.

Mobile phones provide a guaranteed improvement in connectivity and call quality, allow freedom of movement, reduce overall costs and instant set up without hardware installation or configuration.

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