Switchboard Closed? Not if you’re with ConXhub

Spain and France joined Italy this weekend by creating a virtual lock down, with only essential trips allowed.

For many businesses this has meant a day of chaos as company switchboards become unmanned and phone numbers are diverted to a mobile phone in someones home.

For ConXhub customers on the other hand it has been business as usual.

ConXhub has the ability to manage all calls wherever staff are located, distributing calls to teams and individuals even if all are at home.

We are better placed than most companies to handle the disruption – we are really well covered with ConXhub and have no issues.

Andy – Verity Call Centre

ConXhub uses proprietary technology developed over 6 years to allow business communications to flow over the mobile voice network. Users can be up and running on their own mobile phones within minutes, able to make and receive calls from their work numbers as though they are in the office.

No downtime, every call answered where it should be, low cost and incredibly flexible – ConXhub is the No.1 choice for remote work companies.

ConXhub has all the power, features and functionality of a traditional phone system without relying on VoIP or additional equipment. It is a breeze to set up and manage users and phone numbers.

As part of our desire to help as many companies a s possible during the Virus crisis, we have created a special Plan – it is based on a low cost daily rate with no set up fees, no contract or tie in…. quite simply we want to help you get through the lockdown days as efficiently as possible without incurring huge additional costs.

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