The Benefits of Mobile Phone usage in your Call Centre

ConXhub is a non VoIP multi-number mobile phone service that is causing a huge stir in Call Centres…

ConXhub provides agents with huge benefits over a traditional Desk Phone set up:

16 Seats – 7th March, 2019
  1. Ability to stand and move around – your top sales people love to stand when on the phone and actually prefer to wander… mobile phones give then that freedom.
  2. Ability to work remotely at times when its impossible to get into the office. ConXhub requires no additional equipment to install or set up, and because it does not rely on an internet connection for the call, users can use the service wherever they are.
  3. Agents can use their own phones – ConXhub provides 360degs of separation; it is 100% GDPR and HMRC compliant in that personal calls remain completely private and work calls get billed separately. In a nutshell; BYOD which works.
  4. ConXhub provides all the usual features a Desk Phone service provides, including welcome greetings, virtual reception (press 1 for xxx, 2 for xxx etc), out of hours and busy messages, simultaneous ringing for groups of agents, voicemail to email as well as comprehensive reporting, stats and call recording – but the agent does not necessarily need to be tied to their desk!
  5. ConXhub allows agents to call from any phone number on the fly – no need for lookup’s or prefix dialling – simply scroll and select…
Call from any Phone Number

ConXhub reduces costs, increases flexibility and delights agents – it is a Mobile centric, database driven communications solution that ensures the highest HD call quality without compromising on functions and features.

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