TradeHelp Partnership Deal

We are delighted to announce a new partnership deal between TradeHelp and ConXhub designed to support Trades people with modern, highly valuable communications.

Utilising the buying power of the TradeHelp network, plus the experience and relationships developed over 25 years in the industry, TradeHelp offer Buying Group discounts, finance for installations and free quotation software, plus a range of other benefits.

As part of TradeHelp member benefits, members can now get a FREE business phone number and discounts on their communications, helping them achieve improved efficiency, greater customer relations and increased profits.

Many Trades people, miss out on high value sales and leads because a mobile number as their main point of contact makes them look like small independent businesses, unable to handle the opportunity. A mobile number simply gives the wrong perception about the business, no matter how capable it is.

A Local Phone Number is ESSENTIAL to your business!

The majority of people (79%) prefer to call a business that’s local to them. By having a number from a local area code, shows them that you’re local. The more people call you, the more business you’ll have.

As a Tradesman, ask yourself who would be your ‘Golden Customer’? Maybe it’s the owner of that 18 story building or the Local Golf Club, or the rental company with over 100 properties to maintain – whoever it is just think how grander you would look, and how greater your chances of landing that deal, if you had a local business phone number.

Your competition utilise professional communications, and now you can too, for a fraction of the cost, thanks to TradeHelp.

Owning a Local Phone Number is Immediate, Cheap, Efficient and Effective

The TradeHelp/ConXhub partnership aims to address this issue by offering FREE local numbers, enabled in minutes, with calls forwarded to members Mobile Phones plus a host of amazing options!

and that is just the start…

You can own multiple phone numbers, for different locations or for different departments or divisions. You can make and receive calls from any number and you can utilise a host of options to ensure every call is handled professionally and just how you want it!

Once up and running TradeHelp members will wonder why they didn’t get one earlier.

Please share our technology with the world!

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