Video Conferencing is NOT a phone replacement!

Many companies sending staff home under WFH conditions are assuming they can simply use Zoom and other Free Video Conferencing tools to carry on as normal.

If that were the case, then why are you not using these tools in your office and discarding traditional telephony?

Using the right tools in Business is critical and here is why Video Conferencing cannot replace your telephone:

Inflexible – You can’t just set up video conference and start speaking to someone – you need to arrange the meeting in advance.

Inconvenient– Asking someone to set up a conference with you on a third party platform is potentially annoying and time consuming – if that person never picked up the phone to you, do you really think they will set up a conference.

Data Driven – A Video Conference relies on a decent internet connection, something that may be lacking in a home environment especially in days where the whole family is at home and using streaming services themselves.

Intangible – While many business owners are concerned about staff accountability, the Video Conference is entirely separated from the companies normal call tracking, CRM integration and Call recording systems. Bottom line you are in the dark!

The right tool for calls is the phone!

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