WFH: Don’t lose business because Office phones go unanswered

Unprepared. No continuity plan. Ineffective phone systems – there is a really simple solution.

I am hearing about business opportunities being missed because there is no one to pick up the phone. Some phone lines are even dead!

A lot of companies are simply forwarding their main office number to ‘Mandy’s’ personal mobile phone – crazy!

How on earth is Mandy supposed to cope with that responsibility and manage a home life that is currently a million miles from what she is used to.

ConXhub is a ‘Challanger Telco’ – it supplies companies with the most advanced communications systems available today – and right on to a users mobile phone.

  • ConXhub does not use data
  • Call from any work phone number
  • Receive calls when you’re available
  • Know which department is being called

No equipment is required. Everything can be set up remotely and users can be up and running in minutes, so you can forget about your communications issues and concentrate on more important matters.

ConXhub is so simple…. We’ll give you FREE interim phone numbers. Simply forward your existing work numbers to one of ours. We’ll then forward calls to your teams in such a way they will hope they never have to go back to a desk phone ever again!

Main office or direct dial numbers, not a problem – users can choose which number to dial from, all the time keeping their personal mobile number private.

If you need them; call stats, call data records and MiFID II compliant call recording, all available too.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be… it’s already the best value system on the planet but during Covid19 we are here to help where we can with a range of discounts to get you through the crisis.

Plus… we won’t lock you in to a contract – so you are free to terminate when you go back to your office…. but we don’t believe you will.

Still not convinced? Take ConXhub for a spin for FREE or talk to one of our consultants.

Please share our technology with the world!

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