What comes after VoIP?

Everything EVOLVES; better, faster, more efficient, easier to use and cheaper to run - COMMUNICATIONS is no different!

VoIP is the current technology behind every phone call carried around the world and is excellent. However, end users who rely on an internet connection from mobile, desk phone or PC, continue to experience quality and connection issues. Mobile First technology overcomes these shortcomings, and you can learn how here.

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What comes after VoIP is an interesting question, especially as VoIP usage is on the increase.

There was a time when cars would cough, splutter and stall, or you had to use a winder to open a window or manually tune your radio - evolution has changed all that and the list of modern comforts and driver aids is endless, let alone the improved efficiency and cost saving devices.

Telecoms is no different, and ConXhub are proud to be a leading pioneer in bringing you an evolution in communications.

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Why do you put up with poor quality conversations, bad connections & dropped calls? We Fixed all that!!

VoIP is amazing and nearly 98% of all calls pass over VoIP at one point or another, but it often breaks down at the user end. When we looked at what comes after VoIP, we focused on Mobile cellular technology - We bolted our technology onto the dedicated Mobile Cellular network, giving you the most reliable, stable, HD call quality possible.

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What comes after VoIP?


Who needs evolution?

Not us, we are fine! My guys can make calls, we have always done it this way and it works okay….

The farmer with his horse, said the same things to the Tractor Salesman. Indeed, you could still carry around a Walkman CD player instead of an iPod if you wanted, or you could jump in your car and go to a Blockbuster type Video store and rent a Video instead of watching it on Netflix!

But would you?

Evolution is a driving force and it is what caused the Tractor to replace the horse, the iPod to replace the Walkman and Netflix to replace Video rental stores, and now ConXhub is replacing traditional VoIP telephony.

A Dedicated Communications Platform

Whilst you could, you wouldn’t drive your car down a railway line!  

Why then make phone calls over the internet? The internet was designed to transfer DATA not phone calls and you only have to look at the huge quantity of the google pages describing how to best overcome; lag, echo, one-way audio & a whole host of other issues, to understand this is like fitting your car with an outrigger to run on rails!

Instead, you choose to drive your car down a highway (motorway) because it was designed specifically to allow you to get from point A to point B in the fastest, safest and most convenient manner. Likewise, there is a highly evolved, dedicated communications platform, the; Mobile Cellular Network which will handle your calls from A to B in the fastest, safest and most convenient manner, and this is what ConXhub utilises as it’s communication backbone, quite simply because it was designed from the ground up to do that job and it does it better than anything else!

We have taken all the communication tools you are used to, need, or desire, and built them around the Mobile Cellular Network. We have taken the traditional PBX switchboard and completely reengineered it, reinventing communications architecture, building an entirely new, highly scalable and totally agile stack.

So, what does that mean for you?

Increased Efficiency

Staff no longer have the strain of dealing with low quality conversations, wasted time of mis-connections or the stress of dropped calls. HD call quality, & top flight communications every time, is what we deliver 100%.

Neither you nor your employees want to be stuck behind a desk, and with the new norm of working remotely, and being flexible, how you communicate has never been more important.

ConXhub offers the simplest & most convenient connectivity of all time. No equipment, no cables, no engineers and definitely no troubleshooting VoIP connectivity issues! You just need an active smart phone and you can communicate from wherever you desire, even on the move.


You can add all your work phone numbers, your main switchboard lines, your department numbers even your direct dial numbers and instantly make & receive calls from any of them as though you were actually in the office.

This is a huge leap beyond VoIP: Call from any phone number no matter where you are, on the ‘fly’, without having to change any system settings, keeping your own personal number 100% private and in the knowledge, you’ll connect and have the highest quality call possible wherever you are calling!

‘Bums on seats’ cost money and if staff are not performing to optimum you are wasting money. Poor quality and dropped calls are tremendously inefficient and really demoralising & you can change that with ConXhub.

In addition, we often hear how calls simply go unanswered. People are 78% more likely to answer an ‘unknown number’ if it is local to them, so obviously calling Manchester from London or worse the USA from a UK mobile number is going to add up to a lot of wasted calls!

We supply 10,000+ city-based phone numbers across all major global destinations, and any of our numbers can be shared across users. Being local to your customer will increase staff efficiency and by its nature increase sales & profits.


The Mobile network pretty much offers 100% coverage, particularly in the western world. It has been designed to allow users to continue conversations even whilst on the move using a clever honeycomb system of antennas. VoIP won’t give you this level of flexibility & convenience even if you have downloaded the latest Softphone to your mobile phone, as the merest loss of WiFi or data signal will result in a dropped call, whereas the cell network will neatly hand you over to the next nearest antenna.

Your mobile phone is with you pretty much 100% of the time… in fact recent surveys suggested people would rather leave their wallet at home rather than their phone! Using your mobile device for work is just smart.. it is always to hand, and 100% convenient to use.

With the new norm of working remotely, the whole process of getting staff set up with VoIP Desk Phones or PC soft phones at home is problematic to say the least. Phone cables need to plug into home networks and cables are never where you need them, and that is before you start to contend with the family ISP having to open ports to allow VoIP traffic, or the kids playing online games, streaming movies and causing internet blockages.

Working from home is just one aspect, but for sure in the near future we will all be working from different locations day by day, week by week; the office, home, a local business hub or even a holiday rental or hotel. Setting up a VoIP system at each location you gravitate to just does not make sense, especially when you can pull your mobile out your pocket, wherever you are, any day of the week!

Being Mobile

Communicate anywhere, anytime is the new norm, and being able to do that while mobile is even more important. It means you don’t have to wait to get to your next place of work to make that important call, you could be commuting, sat at a local coffee bar, or even lying on the beach!

Making calls from your work numbers from literally anywhere is a game changer, and you’ll soon wonder why no one had thought of this innovation earlier.

Equally important is having the ability to receive calls and again the ConXhub patented technology allows you to know which number you are being called on and even if any ‘Virtual Reception’ options (press 1 for, press 2 for) have been selected by the caller, before you even answer.

We pass calls to your mobile number so as long as you have just one bar, you’ll be able to receive them in HD quality and; even if you are on the move.

Our technology allows calls to be passed to multiple people in a group and even if a colleague answers the call before you, you’ll know.

Safety & Security

Whilst some companies will opt to give staff a company mobile, our system has been perfected to work with users’ personal mobile phones. Often staff prefer this as they don’t need to carry two handsets around with them, worry about keeping both charged or having to remember how each is configured.

ConXhub does not use DATA and so it will not eat in to a user’s personal data plan, a common complaint from staff. As important, is when they make a personal call or send a message via their mobile operator, the ConXhub service has no knowledge of that communication. Personal usage is 100% ring fenced and guaranteed not to appear on any stats or company records – personal communications simply stay private.

Some companies, aware of the benefits of mobile technology in the workplace, choose to allow staff to use their own personal phone and number for work, agreeing to reimburse them for any charges. This is really short-sighted and can actually end up costing a company a fortune in lost revenue. One issue is that the company has no data or stats on any calls made between their staff and their customers, they effectively give away key data and KPI’s. Customer interaction is via mobile number rather than a corporate one and can make a business look smaller than it otherwise is. Worse is that the customers only interaction is with an employee via their mobile number and if they leave, the company will likely lose that customer too. We know first hand of a company that lost £47,000 of business in this way – sometimes a cost saving initiative can actually cost you more!

Stats & Data

Got your Finger on the Pulse?

Monitor & view all aspects of your communications:

Detailed analytics — sophisticated reporting tools that weren’t even conceivable to sales directors, customer service managers, or call centre supervisors five years ago.


ConXhub is unique in capturing 16 points of data per call. Using this information, we can deliver some of the most accurate and comprehensive reporting available, giving you deeper insights into your call analytics.

Capture recordings & metadata from every call to measure & improve your campaigns, including who called, the dialled number, call duration, held time, and more!

You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.

Use our real time Agent dashboard – Whether you are working in the office or remotely, having a dashboard which shows the live status of every agent, is critical.

Check who are on calls & view against calls in the queue. See call duration, time between calls and who is logged off or on a break.

… And not forgetting our Chrome Widget: Instantly see which calls are in your queue. Enable prioritisation for certain calls & put them to the top of the list.

Watch agents ‘fight’ to answer calls & change a Blue Dot to Green – we call that Gamification.


We have only highlighted a small part of the key benefits over traditional VoIP systems but we know you are already thinking, this sounds expensive!

Yes, ConXhub is a highly valuable piece of kit, it will save you money, improve your efficiency, enable growth and a host of other benefits, but we have kept pricing to a minimum and instead of charging you extra for all the nice bits we have thrown it all together into one neat bundle.

When you are quoted for VoIP system, you need to remember you will need internet, cabling, routers (with Quality of Service) and a host of other things let alone some expertise in setting up and maintaining your SIP extensions.

ConXhub just sits on top of your personal mobile phones, and nothing else is needed – complex technology made simple, and all for less than the price of a coffee per user!

New Thinking…

Have you noticed how every VoIP supplier offers you exactly the same set of features and functions and simply ends up competing on Price – great for you right, as you´ll always end up with the lowest priced product. Wrong! You´ll get locked into long term contracts, be supplied feature sets you don´t need & charged extra for those you do need.

Think I am wrong – we were ashamed to learn of some companies charging over £120 to set up call forwarding per phone number, as companies were forced into lockdown and needed to forward company switchboard numbers to employee mobiles!!! Ata time when companies were struggling to survive, this was just wrong and is included Free of Charge with ConXhub.

We dream of a world where all businesses can communicate equally.

ConXhub has been designed to put even the most complex of communications tools in to the hands of every business, not just those with bigger budgets – whether you are a tradesman or multi-national corporation ConXhub is for you!

We have re-engineered some of the most demanded features, like Call Transfers, Missed Calls & CRM integration to create a better way of working for a modern business. Take a look at our activeQ technology, available to every user: https://www.flipsnack.com/conxhub/activeq-overview/full-view.html

Plus the traditional…

Of course, all your favourite PBX switchboard features are available giving you an unbridled set of call routing possibilities including: Welcome Greetings, Time of Day routing, Hunt Groups and Queues, Music on Hold, Busy announcements and Voicemail to email and everything is managed by experienced, telecom professionals to ensure you get the best from your ConXhub system.

No Contract, No tie-in, No Risk

We are so confident in our products, we have no contracts or tie-ins. Simply pay month on month and cancel anytime.

You can port in any phone numbers and if you are unhappy with service in any way and wish to leave we will not block you porting out your numbers.

As there is nothing to install and no equipment to buy you can actually try our services 100% risk free. Once you are signed up we´ll configure your system, even supplying interim numbers to use prior to porting your actual phone numbers, and if you are not satisfied you just pick up your old system where you left off!

Environmentally Friendly

In its basic form ConXhub is just a piece of software that sits on an already purchased mobile phone. In needs no other equipment to operate, no cables, routers, PBX boxes, electricity or desk phones, it is essentially offering a Zero carbon footprint.

There are some 17.2 million users with second mobile phones in the UK alone, let alone the millions of Desk Phones in daily use. By removing the need for these ConXhub diminishes a massive environmental burden on; production, maintenance and disposal, of these secondary devices.


Create a Business Empire from your Personal Mobile

Whether it’s appearing much bigger than you are, or running multiple businesses through one mobile phone, or letting staff use their personal mobile (but appear as though they’re calling from the office) all is possible with our endless range of features such as: call recording, music on hold, voicemail to email…

ConXhub gives you total telecoms freedom!


Use the ConXhub App to Send & Receive SMS

ConXhub allows you to send SMS to any mobile on the planet. Simply, select the recipient, choose the profile number to send from, type your message & SEND.

Replies will come straight back to your phone!

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