What's so Cool about Call Notifications?

Bombarded with messages, appointments, and video calls? Getting Phone Calls at inconvenient times or from Unknown callers?

Call Notifications give you CONTROL & VISIBILITY - SIMPLE!


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Call Notifications simply Notify you of a Call, giving you the CHOICE of accepting the call or ignoring it.

If you Decline a normal Call, you are basically Hanging Up on the caller - that can be DETRIMENTAL to your business!

When you ignore a call notification, the call remains inside your ecosystem - it could be answered by a colleague, an answering service or your voicemail system, any of which, will ENHANCE your business.

Take back your Control & Freedom!

Know WHY someone is calling before answering!

Set up Phone Numbers with different names based on your areas of operation, like: London, Sydney, New York or as departments, like; Sales, Accounts, Support.

If you are an Entrepreneur separate your different businesses: Biz ABC, Biz XYZ, Biz TVU.

Go the extra step and see what Options a user has pressed in your IVR (Press 1 for new user, 2 for Reservations, 3 for Payments etc.....

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Enjoy powerful Follow Up Notifications for optimum power.

If you are part of a team, know if a colleague has answered the call with powerful Follow-up Notifications - each will tell you who answered the call, giving you 100% peace of mind. If a call doesn't get answered after a period of time, simply open the call notification and accept it yourself - great for managers who want to monitor but don't want any calls going unanswered!

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ConXhub Call Notifications


Call Alerts will let you know who’s calling even before your phone rings. This allows you to set the phone on silent if you want to ignore it or move to a quieter place if you want to speak.

This works for any call, you simply need to have Notifications turned on in the ConXhub app, and every time someone tries to call one of your profile numbers forwarded to you, you will get a notification first..

Never miss a lead again

Be prepared to respond to every inbound lead with instant call notifications. These notifications detail valuable information about callers reaching out to your business, including their number and the campaign that brought them to you. These real-time alerts can be setup as browser notifications, or push notifications delivered to your cell phone.


Phone notifications give you all the information you need to instantly decide if you need to answer the call. On accepting the call, the system will forward the call to your mobile, which will ring just like any normal call..


PC based notifications do the same thing, but when working in front of a PC give a more elegant form of alert.


Follow-up notifications alert you to what happened to the call in the event you didn’t accept it.


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