What’s so special about EE Dual SIM?

EE have just announced the launch of the first Dual SIM service to hit the UK. They will supply an additional SIM contract to work on the iPhone’s eSIM, therefore giving you 2 sims and numbers in one phone.

The benefits of having an additional phone number on your personal mobile are huge and it will be a savior for many thousands of people.

Hooray, get the bunting out – but did you know you could already have an additional phone number on your personal mobile?

In fact did you know you could have as many phone numbers as you need? Just for fun I have over 60 different phone numbers on my one mobile phone, each independently labeled so I can easily select which one to use.

If you want a second phone number on your mobile, check out these additional benefits when using ConXhub:

  1. EE is only available on selected phones – ConXhub works on any Apple or Android smartphone.
  2. The EE Dual SIM works over the EE Voice network – Just like the EE Dual SIM, ConXhub is Non-VoIP so does not eat in to your data or require a WiFi connection to work, but better still ConXhub works on any mobile Voice network, with no need to change your existing SIM, Phone or mobile carrier.
  3. EE will send you a physical SIM – there is no waiting with ConXhub, you can be up and running in minutes.
  4. EE will supply you with a new mobile number with your contract – with ConXhub you can choose a fixed line number from over 9000+ worldwide cities or a mobile number from over 24 countries including UK.
  5. EE will supply you a new number which you could use for work, but what about your existing work number(s)? ConXhub solves this by allowing you to add your existing number(s) to your mobile phone and make and receive calls from any of them.
  6. EE will give you a nice new contract with a minimum term – ConXhub has no contract, it offers risk free monthly plans which you can cancel at any time.
  7. EE will put all your calls on one bill – whilst many see this as a benefit, when dealing with work related items, it is an absolute nightmare and not GDPR compliant, where there needs to be a separation of call records. ConXhub are able to separate your personal and business billing, with zero HMRC / VAT issues.
  8. EE will capture all your calls and messages on one itemised listing – there are many times when either for work or personal you won’t want your records mixed up with your personal SIM records. ConXhub allows you to keep your personal SIM calls and ConXhub calls and messages completely separate.
  9. International calls are charged in addition to your usual tariff – with ConXhub we include calls to all major global destinations.
  10. The EE SIM and number is limited to just one handset – with ConXhub numbers can be shared across multiple phones, each able to make calls from the same number and have all their phones ring at the same time when the number is called.
  11. ConXhub phone numbers are connected to a full PBX switchboard which can give you a complete range of additional functionality including; welcome greetings, call forwarding to third parties, busy announcements, virtual receptionists, call stats, call recording and even professional call answering for when you can’t answer the call.

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