When Okay is NOT Okay!

If you’ve watched US TV lately, you’ve probably seen the new ads from AT&T. They are hilarious! The point of the ad is this: when something is important, no one is comfortable with “just ok” (you wouldn’t want a “just ok” heart surgeon, so why would you be content with “just ok” cell coverage?).  

A lot of times we get comfortable with “just okay” instead of striving to be extraordinary.

Twice this week I have been reminded why ConXhub is extraordinary.

The first instance occurred when I was calling a Job Applicant – I rang his UK number as directed and started the conversation. The call quality was okay, but not what I usually expect – it turned out my applicant was actually in Switzerland and was using a VoIP service to re-route the call.

Having called him back on his Swiss number we enjoyed a great conversation.

In the second instance I was calling a fellow Director, Steve, who was visiting South Korea – he didn’t have mobile roaming or a phone nearby so we were reduced to using a well known consumer VoIP app….. an absolute disaster…. in the space of 5 minutes we had rung each other 8 times and managed to get about 5 words in, before each call dropped out. Fortunately, Steve grabbed a friends mobile and I called that and we had a perfectly sane 30 minute conversation.

I count myself lucky, I am able to use an extraordinary communications tool on a daily basis and I’ll be honest, I take it for granted.

I hate straining to hear a conversation, I like to hear a callers dulcet tones and I find it stressful when call delays mean we start taking over each other. Of course for many that is Okay!

If you are stuck with Okay but want to try Extraordinary, make use of our 7 day FREE trial to hear and feel the ConXhub difference….. and of course call quality isn’t the only special feature!

Please share our technology with the world!

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