Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight?

What a great phrase, epitomised by Malone in ‘The Untouchables’ and Harry Heck in ‘The Punisher’.

Our Call Centre clients are winning huge amounts of business over their competition. They are adding client phone numbers and new agents to our systems almost on a daily basis and one client has recently ordered a 1000 phone numbers as part of a massive 10,000 phone number scale up.

Clients have ditched their desk phones in favour of ConXhub enabled mobile phones, and they continue to gain more clients and increase revenues.

Having the capability for any of their agents to call out from any Client focused Business Phone number has proved invaluable giving the call centre the opportunity to manage agents into better informed pools for the return inbound calls.

When a ConXhub enabled call centre is pitching for new business, it is not just going in with the same old solution as everyone else, it offers a unique set of features unavailable anywhere else:

  • Ability to call out from any campaign phone number
  • Bespoke Inbound call notifications
  • Gamified inbound call features
  • Lowest industry missed call stats
  • 16 point in call stats capture for world class reports
  • 0% downtime – operates independently of office internet
  • HD mobile cellular voice quality – non VoIP
  • Flexibility – agents can be added or removed from the system and campaigns in seconds
  • Service – This latest request for 1000 phone numbers was completed and numbers went live within 15 minutes of the order
  • Cost savings – low Wholesale call charges, no infrastructure
  • Happier more Energised Agents due to being desk free
  • Instant Overflow / Ramp Up in periods of high demand – no equipment to install so remote agents can be up and running in minutes wherever they are based.
  • Disaster proof – agents can work remotely even when disaster strikes or inclement weather hits

A ConXhub enabled call centre doesn’t turn up to a gunfight with a knife – it has a Machine Gun at its disposal.

If you have lost business recently, take a look at what is in your arsenal and give us a call if you want to swap out the knives for something more up to date.

ConXhub patented tech has completely re-engineered business communications away from VoIP putting the mobile phone and the cellular network at the heart, driving greater efficiency, higher quality, improved user experience and increased savings.

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

ConXhub offers a 7 day, risk free, no obligation trial – take yours today!

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