Why ConXhub is very similar to Tesla

As Tesla is to the Motor Car, ConXhub is to Communications.

Tesla builds Motor Cars that travel along roads taking people from A to B, just like cars built by Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and every other manufacturer. But Tesla is different. It is a pioneer in the motor industry, the first to build fully electric vehicles, the first to understand where the future of transportation lays; electric vehicles.

As Tesla is to the motor industry, ConXhub is to the communications industry. ConXhub allows people to communicate with each other using their mobile phone just like 8X8, Vonage, RingCentral, Gamma, Skype and the thousands of other communications companies scattered around the globe. But ConXhub is different. It is a pioneer in the communications industry, the first to build true multi-number capabilities into the mobile service, the first to build non-VoIP PBX switchboard capabilities and the first to understand that the future of all communications, whether at your desk, on the road, at home or even on the beach, is mobile.

When anything new arrives whilst there are early adopters, the majority are naysayers… “that will never work”, “I am happy with what I have already, it works fine”. From the time of the first motor car, customers wanted a ‘faster horse’ not a noisy, smelly, metal contraption, but as Tesla and the many pioneers before have proved, enhancements and progress will become the norm, it just takes time for people to catch on.

Tesla, didn’t invent the car, they have simply developed a better technology for it. ConXhub didn’t invent the phone, they in turn have simply developed a better technology for it and in time mobile multi-numbering will become as normal as you being whizzed around in electric vehicles.

ConXhub is an evolution in communications technology allowing YOU to make and receive calls from any phone numbers on your personal mobile phone, keeping personal and work calls completely separate.

Communicate from anywhere, even on the go.

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