Why I got rid of my Call Button!

Two highly used icons; the call button and contacts button, are missing from my iPhone home screen…..

I simply don’t use them so rather than have them take up valuable real estate, I’ve dumped them.  

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I don’t use my phone for phone calls but it’s quite the contrary at last check I’d made over 4800 phone calls from this device alone. 

What’s going on here is that I simply use a service we developed called ConXhub. It has a really cool interface for managing my contacts, groups, favorites and recent’s, and I just don’t need anything else. 

With its multi profile feature, ConXhub has always been great for allowing me to call using any of my work or personal phone numbers meaning I don’t have to carry multiple phones around with me or be tied to my desk.  

Since downloading ConXhub I have not once used either the call or the contacts button and so I simply demoted them. 

ConXhub is profile based meaning you can add a phone number; existing or new, mobile or landline, national or international and set that number against a profile which could be for; personal or business, selling online, social media, dating, gaming or literally anything that reflects your personal lifestyle. 

The original core purpose of ConXhub was to save you from carrying more than one phone, helping the environment, saving you money and obviously increasing your efficiency. It was also designed to free you from your ‘dumb’ desk phone if you had one, by allowing you to make and receive calls at any time but more importantly anywhere and even whilst on the move, by being non VoIP and using the mobile voice network instead of WiFi or mobile data.

By putting any phone number on your personal mobile for any purpose gives endless possibilities not simply restricted to the obvious; work phone, personal phone, combination. 

ConXhub is a joy to use, seamlessly interconnecting me with all my contacts past , present and new. It is already way ahead of the curve, and with AI integration replacing phone switchboard functions shortly to be beta tested, it has the capability to change the world of communication. 

Give ConXhub a whirl with a FREE Trial and see if you can live without your Call Button.

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