The Future of Business Communications.

conXhub is a cloud-based communication and collaboration platform that offers a range of products and services to help businesses of any size improve customer engagement, enhance company efficiency and save money.

Innovative Technology.

conXhub pioneered Mobile First Technology, putting the mobile phone at the heart of communications by merging the best of VoIP, Unified Communications and Mobile connectivity.

Unique Virtual Phone Number Service.

At its core, conXhub offers a unique virtual phone service that allows you to have multiple phone numbers on your smartphone.

Powerful Mobile PBX Technology.

The service is further enhanced with Mobile PBX technology which routes calls within the organization, allowing employees to make and receive calls with each other and external parties through a shared set of phone numbers.

Complete Control through the conXhub portal

Company-wide control is gained from a conXhub portal, where managers can add and remove users, choose and manage phone numbers from over 10,000+ global destinations, including Mobile Landline, National, or International numbers, watch stats, view reports, access recordings and control call routing for numbers and teams.

Tailored Products for Any Business

As you would imagine, with a company of this size, conXhub supplies products to fit any size business and each product can be tailored to fit the exact needs of a user.

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