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RIPTec Ltd - The Team Behind ConXhub

Everything we do is designed to challenge the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.

The way we challenge the norm is by pushing technological boundaries to produce beautifully designed products that are functional, simple to use and available for all. We believe in making great communication tools.

Riptec has an abundance of high end technical & communications experience spanning over 35 years. It developed bespoke CRM and Business systems for many of the UK's foremost companies like Hambro Countrywide PLC, Ark Group & Touch Europe PLC, prior to the internet age.

During the 90's it managed telecoms for many of London's embassies. 2002 saw the company develop its own PBX and extend its VoIP services delivering telecoms solutions to the likes of US dept. of Defense and Shell Oil, prior to evolving in to a mobile operator.

It has developed everything in house, utilsing the very best in latest technology and continues to carry many millions of minutes of call traffic, manage tens of thousands of phone numbers and thousands of bespoke client Phone Systems.

ConXhub is the latest technology to be added to the Riptec stable.

It is a highly unique piece of Mobile patented Technology, which some would suggest is years ahead of its time.

Whilst many companies are considering moving from fixed office based phone systems to cloud based ConXhub allows them to skip and jump straight to Mobile based phone systems.

This latest release of ConXhub is just the beginning....


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We help you live the life you deserve...

Your personal mobile phone is at the center of your life, FACT! We believe it should be at the center of your work life too….

That’s why we have developed ConXhub, a service that puts your personal mobile phone at the heart of your communications. ConXhub allows you to communicate with clients, prospects and colleagues at any time wherever you are, seamlessly and at the highest quality. 

It gives you all the features and functions of a corporate grade phone system (Cloud vPBX / Switchboard), whatever size of business you run.

The Team

Our lead

Mark Trowbridge

Seasoned telecoms and tech entrepreneur
26 years high end telecom experience covering most aspects. Former director of London based PLC and has successfully run LCR, VoIP and MVNO operations with US Dept. of Defense, Shell Oil and many Embassies as clients.

Michael Boevink

Experienced telco and tech operator
Strong strategic base with more than 15 years in new media, telecoms and the payments industry. An international visionary, strong in the field of developing and implementing innovative projects.

Steve Cahill

Highly Experienced ‘C’ Level Executive
Business Leader with extensive international Board level experience in the service industry who has consistently delivered significant service and profit improvements across a range of organisations.

Nolan Braterman

Business and partnership guru
Nolan has an incredible energy for business with an abundance of experience in the global corporate world and SME sectors. His patience and expertise make him ideal to lead our sales and partnership teams.

Scott Trowbridge

Experienced business executive
Scott has a (BA) Marketing, Design and Communications, and has project managed growth campaigns for numerous SME’s and larger organisations. Consummate in driving growth through strategic partnerships.

Tom Yoritaka

Experienced telco and tech operator
Internationally recognized leader in corporate-start-up partnerships/investments. Seasoned strategic & operational executive with over 20 years of experience, including Cisco, Yahoo & Microsoft

A Quick Look at how ConXhub developed...

2018 +


A full re-brand to cater for worldwide expansion – offering global calling plans, extensive service coverage and 9000+ phone numbers across 65 worldwide countries.

A full ‘development roadmap’ to cater for the needs of the modern business and their users.

2016 - 2018


Added IM and SMS functionality to the original RIPDialer service including the ability to SMS from ‘fixed’ line numbers. Completely re-built the user interface, adding a host of features – re-branded to cater for additional features.

2013 - 2015

RIPDialer 2

Adding the ability to change the phone number a user wanted to call out from simply by selecting it when making an outbound call. Huge uptake from business based clients who reveled in the ability to appear local when making International Calls.

2012 - 2013


Developed the initial Mobile dialler for the companies MVNO, designed to pass mobile call traffic from the mobile phone to the companies VoIP systems. Hugely successful product with some 98% of clients installing and using it on a daily basis.

2012 - 2016

MVNO (Mobile Operator)

Launched in to the Mobile communications world with an independent overseas brand focusing on niche Expat market. Exponential growth through Offering low cost International Call bundles and a host of other unique products and services for the time.

2005 - Today

Cloud PBX

Having already moved most call traffic to the Cloud, it was a small jump to move away from supplying Fixed PBX’s replacing them with an in-house Cloud based system. Hugely successful part of the business supplying companies across 3 continents and all sectors.

1999 - Today

VoIP Telephony

With the advent of the Internet came VoIP (Voice over IP). Launched in house VoIP systems and billing solutions which have continued to develop and expand with additional global carrier interconnection. Proud to supply services to Us Dept. of Defense and Shell Oil among many thousands of clients. 

2003 - 2005

Fixed PBX

Successfully started manufacturing and distributing PBX Phone systems with global distribution. 

1981 - 1994

CRM & Business Solutions

Pre-Internet development of Business CRM and office solutions for major UK companies including, Hambro Countrywide PLC, Ark Group, Mondital and Touch Europe PLC

1994 - 1999

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Public company, managing communications for many of London’s Embassies, major corporations and SME’s. Billing over £12m worth of National & International Phone Calls.

Whether for simply adding your work numbers to your mobile phone, or completely replacing your companies telephone switchboard system, our technology gives you the ideal solution for your needs.

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